Why ADO Employee Benefits?

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Empower your employees to take control of their medical records and improve their health.

ADO’s easy-to-use online Personal Health Record platform provides employee benefis that give individuals the tools they need to take control of their own health. Our PHR is fully secure and can be accessed by your employees and their physicians whenever necessary, resulting in improved care coordination and better overall health for members of your organization. The PHR can also be integrated with any corporate health and wellness program to help employers contain health-related costs and engage employees in the medical decision-making process.


Help your employees get their Personal Health Record started and kept up to date throughout the year.

Every ADO PHR membership and employee benefits include includes access to our Medical Records Assistance Program at no additional cost. Through the program, after a HIPAA release form has been signed, we help individuals obtain medical records for one (1) of their healthcare providers, and we upload the information into their PHR. These efforts are coordinated by our Medical Director.


Encourage employees to make informed decisions about their health by getting a second medical opinion.

Following a physician-prescribed treatment plan doesn’t always guarantee results, but we know that taking additional time off work for another doctor’s appointment is not ideal for you or your employees. This is why At ADO we offer easy online access to a network of board-certified physicians within 48 hours of a member’s request. Second medical opinions allow patients to learn about alternative treatment options, they minimize the risk of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatments, they improve care, and they result in minimal productivity interruption.


Reduce costs associated with lost productivity by offering employees virtual consults.

With ADO’s E-Consultation service, employees can visit with one of our physicians over the phone or online using a fully secure, encrypted web platform. “Virtual visits” can take place from a private location at work or even from home (24 hours a day), allowing employees to get the medical attention they need without missing too many days from work. This will benefit your organization’s productivity and your employees’ overall health.