We provide a secure way to access your entire medical history through online Personal Health Records, Second Medical Opinions from world-class medical experts in as fast as 48 hours and secure eConsultations.

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Be more than well. Be well prepared.

Activ Doctors Online is one of the world’s first companies to provide a complete suite of telemedicine solutions from a single integrated platform. Through Online Personal Health Records and our online educational tools, ADO members are more prepared to manage their entire family’s health care more efficiently. Members can also share their medical history with select family members and providers to improve treatment outcomes and cultivate better care, helping to save, money, time and lives.

Control your healthcare from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are an individual, employee, or company, ADO gives you access to your healthcare information when you want it.


What can ADO do for me?

Our platform offers a complete suite of telemedicine solutions allowing members to request an eConsultation, to obtain a second medical opinion in as fast as 48 hours or access their complete medical history anytime, anywhere from their computer or mobile device. Where to find ED tablets and treatments online?VIEW OUR SOLUTIONS

Read what members are saying about ADO:

"Activ Doctors Online is already revolutionizing the way we access medical records and medical care for ourselves and is changing the way medicine will be practiced. ADO helps to eliminate duplication and unnecessary medical tests, improving efficiencies for providers and patients alike. I am so proud to empower those around me with what we know is the evolution of health care."

ADO Benefit Broker Partner

"We made the decision to include Activ Doctors Online's program as an option for our employees as a voluntary benefit. "Their program can provide a cost savings through individual control and access of personal health records, while their second opinions in 48 hours provides an extra layer of comfort to our employees when an important procedure or costly treatment is required. We believe that more and more of our employees will come to know the value of these services."

Sophia R., Employer

"When my doctor saw my list of medicines that I regularly take, he immediately spotted a potentially dangerous combination of meds that could have led to elevated blood pressure… Thank you, ADO."

Laurie H., Individual