Why ADO?

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Provide patients with access to their health information online and maintain accurate medical records with our patient management software.

By offering patients access to ADO’s personal health record platform, you provide a convenient way for them to store their medical records online and become more active participants in their own care. Our easy-to-use and fully secure patient management software lets users view and update records at any time and from anywhere in the world, ensuring that data contained within the PHR is both accurate and complete. It also lets you and your patients see who entered data, where it was transferred from, and who viewed it, reducing errors and increasing accountability for better treatment outcomes.


Connect with patients easily and at more convenient times through secure virtual visits online using our patient management software.

Accommodate patients’ requests for appointments before, during or after office hours with ADO’s E-Consultation feature. Our service is encrypted and completely secure, and it allows you to provide patients the opportunity to visit with you over the Internet using a webcam for non-emergency medical consults. These “virtual visits” allow you to incorporate the power of telemedicine into your practice, providing a new source of revenue for your practice.

icono07EMR Interoperability

Seamless data exchange between your EMR and PHR makes your job easier.

At Activ Doctors Online, we recognize the importance of interoperability between different systems. Comprehensive health records, after all, result in better patient care. Because of this, we designed our patient management software to work well with EMRs for seamless coordination with existing medical records. Whether you have an EMR or plan to implement one in the future, ADO provides an easy way to get started building a database of complete and accurate patient health records.


Helping patients get their PHR started and keep their health records up to date.

The Medical Records Assistance Program provides an easy way to help patients set up their PHR. Through a HIPAA release, patients can authorize ADO to contact a healthcare provider on their behalf to obtain medical records and upload them into the PHR. Your patients can also upload records on their own at any time through our easy to use patient management software, but our program makes this process much easier.

For more information about offering Activ Doctors Online’s PHR to your patients, call 1-888-512-2848 or contact us online.