Why ADO?

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The Wellness Councils of America estimates that medical costs consume more than 50 percent of corporate profits for many companies, and the only long-term solution to this problem is to promote good health among employees. Activ Doctors Online provides the tools that organizations need in order to make this happen, making our service one your customers are sure to love.


Promote improved health outcomes through medical records that are available at any time, from anywhere.

ADO’s easy-to-use online Personal Health Record platform provides individuals the tools they need to take control of their own health. Our PHR is fully secure and can be accessed 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, resulting in improved care coordination and better overall healthcare for members. Another selling point of the PHR for potential clients is its ability to integrate with any corporate health and wellness program.


Quick and easy PHR set up and maintenance allows organizations to start saving on health-related costs.

Each of our PHR memberships includes access to a Medical Records Assistance Program at no additional cost as a value-added benefit to your customers. Through the program, we assist individuals in obtaining medical records for one (1) of their healthcare providers and upload the information into their PHR.


Advertise reduced costs associated with lost productivity through virtual medical consults.

With ADO’s E-Consultation service, individuals can visit with one of our physicians over the phone or online using a fully secure, encrypted web platform. “Virtual visits” can take place from a private location at work or even from home (24 hours a day), allowing employees to get the medical attention they need without missing too many days from work. Our E-Consultation service is a feature that will help you stand out with prospective customers and existing clients.


Encourage individuals make informed decisions about their health through online second medical opinion consults.

Following a physician-prescribed treatment plan doesn’t always guarantee results, but it isn’t always possible for individuals to take repeated days off work for additional doctor’s appointments. This is why at ADO we offer easy online access to a network of board-certified physicians within 48 hours of a member’s request. This benefit is ideal both for organizations and their employees, as it allows patients to get a second medical opinion without interrupting productivity in the workplace.