Why ADO?

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Access your important health information securely online, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Activ Doctors Online’s Personal Health Record (PHR) tool allows members to access and update their medical records and health information from any device with an internet connection. Your health data belongs to you so you can share access with anyone you choose, be it a physician, friend or family member. Also, regardless of changes in your employer, organization, physician or insurance company, your PHR stays with you – it is your property, meaning you take it with you.


Engage in a professional medical consultation through a secure, online virtual visit.

Through ADO’s E-Consultation service, members can attend online “virtual clinic” visits with a physician. Online scheduling is fast and simple and physicians are available for E-Consultations before, during and after office hours. All visits take place over the internet via webcam on a secure, encrypted platform, allowing you to ask the doctor any questions and gain increased access to your current provider resulting in improved care. E-Consultation also reduces the need for Urgent Care and Emergency Room Visits and eliminates the expenses associated with them.


Build your complete Personal Health Record with the help of Activ Doctors Online.

Included with your membership and through a HIPAA Release Form, you authorize Activ Doctors Online to contact your healthcare providers on your behalf to obtain your medical records. Our authorized medical personnel will start by contacting your primary care physician and/or specialists. We then ask the doctor to provide your health history which we upload to your Personal Health Record. This data includes prescriptions, vaccinations, allergies, surgery reports, test results or screenings, examination reports, doctor’s notes and more. Our members can also input an unlimited number of physician records at any time through our easy-to-use portal.


Your personal health information is safe and secure.

Activ Doctors Online is committed to protecting patient privacy. All of our services and software are HIPAA-compliant, meaning your information is completely private and secure. We maintain military-level security procedures including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocols.


Make well-informed decisions with Activ Doctors Online’s Second Medical Opinion service.

Have you followed a physician-prescribed treatment plan and failed to see results? Are you interested in talking to a different specialist to ask the doctor about an alternative course of action? Second medical opinions are crucial to making the most informed health decisions. Activ Doctors Online conveniently offers members access to the world’s top specialists and the ability to ask the doctor for secure, unbiased opinions. The process begins when one of our Medical Directors reviews your request and Personal Health Record to determine the most appropriate specialist for your case.


Start saving money on healthcare by finding a plan that fits your budget.

ADO prides itself on offering on-demand access to some of the world’s best medical specialists. As well as instant access to their PHR, it is now possible for members to ask the doctor health questions whenever they need to – whether they’re at home, at work or whilst they’re traveling – potentially saving hours in physical waiting times. Activ Doctors Online has a wide range of memberships to fit most budgets. We offer individual and family memberships for an affordable monthly fee, with our most budget-friendly option starting at just pennies a day.