Our Solutions

As a telemedicine innovator, Activ Doctors Online is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health destiny. By integrating health information and telemedicine in one user-friendly, web-based platform backed by state-of-the-art security and interoperability with industry-standard EMR software, ADO takes healthcare to the next level. Our secure, easy-to-use information management tools enable members to live healthier, safer and more productive lives. Our services also make it possible for physicians, employers and other organizations to save time, money and even lives.

Activ Doctors Online offers personal health records, second medical opinions and e-consultations all in one unique, integrated platform. Because our members are well prepared with easy access to the right information and medical experts, they can make informed, cost-effective decisions about their care. ADO empowers more than 160,000 members worldwide to live healthier lives.

Take control of your health destiny through Activ Doctors Online’s Personal Health Record platform and online telemedicine services: Call 888-51-ACTIV (888-512-2848) or contact us online.