Where to find erectile dysfunction tablets and treatments online?

For some reason, many people believe that ED generics are much worse than brand name drugs. This approach is beneficial to pharmacies, which receive more profit from expensive ED drugs, but is not always correct. After all, generics are cheaper than originals, not because they save money on their production (they are produced on poor equipment, do not control the quality), but only because less money and time are spent on the development of a generic. These pharmacies offer some generic ED medications, so you may save some money.

 Gary Drug Co. (Rank: 4.5)

https://www.garydrug.com/ | 59 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114, United States | +16172270023

Never had any problems with this Gary Drug Co. pharmacy. Notice how all the poor reviews are not specific.

Let’s get this straight – you would have an easier time literally crafting a makeshift lab in your garage, buying an assortment of chemicals, and making your own medications than you would be filling a prescription here. Due to its proximity to where I live, I’ve been going to this Teche Pharmacy for two years. Each month I refill the same prescription, one that is pretty essential to my health. Every. Single. Time. They have messed up my refill somehow. They have variously confused it with someone else’s medication, deleted it from the system, changed essential information, made me wait extraordinarily long amounts of time for them to discover a simple solution to the issues they create, etc. One time one of the pharmacy girls didn’t know what insurance was. The straw that broke the camel’s back and incited this review happened earlier. The other day I placed a telephone refill for my prescription and was told it would be ready by 3 pm today. So I went in and promptly spent an hour waiting and watching the two employees squint and pluck at the computer and wander around in the back before telling me that whoever had confirmed my refill had lied, that they didn’t have either the name brand or generic medication in stock and it may or may not be back-ordered for a week. Thanks! To be fair, I don’t know why I was so naive, considering their track record. I’ll be looking into a different pharmacy option asap. Long story short, skip this place. Either go full Breaking Bad or just find another pharmacy.

 Fenway Health Pharmacy (Rank: 3.9)

http://fenwayhealth.org/ | 1340 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215, United States | +16179276330

Terrible service. My prescriptions are not ready for days after being called or faxed in. I called in a refill three days ago, have stopped by the Fenway Health Pharmacy three times, and it’s STILL not ready. Once I picked up a liquid antibiotic for my 7-year-old, and the tech forgot to mix it. I came home with a bottle of powder after going to the pharmacy five times before it was even ready. I’ll be switching to a different pharmacy today.

If you need a prescription filled and you got to take medications are recommended for the quality of medications as far as the original prescription is generic supplies.

ED Means (Rank: 4.6)

https://edmeans.com/ | 841 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116, United States | +16172361692

Excellent service and they always have the meds in stock and on time, unlike Fred Meyer grand central who are absolutely pitiful on availability of the meds and having them ready on time plus, the counter lady gave me one hell of an attitude like it was my bloody fault!!. Thus I switched to ED Means!

The staff here are very friendly and helpful, and if there is an issue with a prescription, they will be able to explain the nature of the issue very well.

 Eaton Apothecary (Rank: 4.3)

http://www.eatonapothecary.com/ | 409 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127, United States | +16172689500

For the 2nd time in a row, my husband had to wait over an hour for his prescription! The guy next to him was disgusted as well because he’d been there for over 30 minutes! The attitudes are poor on top of that! Not polite at all!

You can find things cheaper here than in other places. Just look at all those marked down prices. Feels very good to pay less. If you get a free CVS card, you earn points and earn extra dollars off things. Eaton Apothecary is a good place to go to.