FAQs for Brokers

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How is ADO different from other PHR companies?

Activ Doctors Online differs fundamentally from other Personal Health Record companies in that it offers a lot more than basic PHR storage. Beyond our user-friendly and sophisticated PHR platform, our members have access to a worldwide network of medical experts operating in a vast range of specialties. Our specialists are available to render E-Consultations and Second Medical Opinion consults tailored to each patient’s medical records, within 48 hours.

Activ Doctors Online also provides an unmatched level of client support. We aim to keep users as informed as possible of health care trends through our online portal and constantly strive to exceed expectations. By putting patients first, we have been able to develop an application that is exceptionally user-friendly, handing over control to real people and not just programmers. Should employers or any employees ever experience any issues using our portal, our support team is just a quick phone call away.

How do ADO’s services benefit the overall health of its members?

The Activ Doctors Online portal provides patients with the opportunity to cross over into a new medical dimension. Members can go from simply being patients to becoming empowered and proactive participants in their own healthcare. Through ADO’s PHR portal, members can share important information with doctors and insurance providers, but also benefit from health management tools that are tailored to their personal needs and healthcare trends. Members can track health issues and goals for improvement, keep up-to-date on appointments, and monitor prescriptions and vaccinations. Better health habits mean improved well-being and the possibility of preventing possible complications in the future.

Is there a measurable ROI for companies that choose to invest in ADO’s services?

When individuals are empowered to become more active participants in their health, everybody wins – you, the company you sell a PHR package to, and their employees. Improved employee health provides significant returns for employers, which can be measured through the better general health of their workers, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. Moreover, a healthy workforce boosts morale and helps secure retention and a lower turnover rate. By helping your clients integrate a culture of wellness and proactivity in their companies, the returns could be immeasurable.