Activ Doctors Online provides families and individuals a secure and innovative way to store and manage their medical records online. By choosing one of our many affordable plans, you can:

  • Take control of your health record.
  • Lower your medical expenses.
  • Keep your health records in a safe place, independent from your physician’s office.
  • Access your health information from anywhere, at any time.
  • Upload medical records easily for as many doctors as you’d like.
  • Share your records with the people you choose – family members, friends, doctors and other caregivers.
  • Get valuable medical advice from leading U.S. physicians through our e-consultation service.
  • Improve your health by tracking key vitals such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels and cholesterol.
  • Avoid unnecessary procedures and diagnostic tests.
  • Receive reminders about upcoming appointments and medications that need to be refilled.
  • Print and save your charts when necessary.
For more information about taking control of your healthcare with Activ Doctors Online, call 1-888-512-2848 or contact us online.