FAQs for Physicians

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Why integrate Personal Health Records into my practice when I have to adopt an EMR?

By integrating a PHR into your practice you can provide a major incentive for your patients to take control of their health destiny. PHRs allow individuals to contribute to and modify the content of their health record, something that is either unavailable or very limited with an EMR. While an EMR will undoubtedly provide great benefit to you and your practice, a PHR will provide benefits to your patients too. Having patients actively using a PHR means that they can easily share their medical documentation with you and be more active participants in their healthcare decisions.

How long does it take to upload my patients’ records?

Our easy-to-use PHR interface makes it possible for anyone to add records to their PHR. However, the time required to upload patient records will vary depending on:

  • The file format
  • The size of the file(s)
  • The type of documentation
  • The Internet connection speed

Some patients may have limited medical documentation to upload, making the process go faster. Meanwhile, others may have an extensively documented medical history with several hundred pages of records. In this case, uploading records will take a bit longer. Patients can acquire and upload their health records on their own, or they can ask our support staff to do so for a nominal fee. Our staff is also available to help with any technical issues that may arise while uploading files to the Activ Doctors Online portal.

How does a PHR benefit my practice?

Integrating a PHR into your practice will result in a more efficiently organized service structure and streamlined workflow, reducing your employees’ workload and allowing you to communicate better with patients and staff. Our PHR boasts expanded health-tracking features which allow patients to monitor personally-tailored health indicators, appointments, vaccinations and other important reminders. More importantly, it allows patients to share their entire medical history with you, resulting in more accurate diagnoses, more effective treatment plans, and better care delivery overall.

How does a PHR benefit my patients?

Patients will gain the ability to share all of their medical documentation with you, at any time and from virtually anywhere in the world. This means that you no longer have to worry about relying on incomplete documentation to render a diagnosis, as you will be able to access your patients’ entire medical histories online. Additionally, by having patient health records consolidated into a single location, unnecessary redundant testing is avoided, as are diagnostic errors, ensuring physicians are delivering the best care possible to their patients.