As a thought leader in the healthcare market, Activ Doctors Online strives to provide a set of secure, easy-to-use and innovative solutions that allow patients to take control of their health destiny. We also offer educational and informational resources for your benefit. Whether you are an individual, a health care professional, a business owner, or an insurance broker, our free webinars will help you learn more about why your health matters.

video Broken Heart Syndrome – February 2016

Watch the Broken Heart Syndrome Webinar

video Fad Diets – January 2016

Watch the Fad Diets Webinar

video Holiday Health Hazards – December 2015

Watch the Holiday Health Webinar

video Understanding Alzheimer’s – November 2015

Watch the Alzheimer’s Webinar

video Breast Cancer – October 2015

Watch the Breast Cancer Webinar

video Cold and Flu Season – September 2015

Watch the Cold and Flu Season Webinar

video Immunization Awareness – August 2015

Watch the Immunization Awareness Webinar

video Cord Blood Awareness – July 2015

Watch the Cord Blood Awareness Webinar

video Serious About Skin Cancer – June 2015

Watch the Serious About Skin Cancer Webinar

video All About Arthritis – May 2015

Watch the All About Arthritis Webinar

video Smoking: A Dangerous Habit – April 2015

Watch the Smoking: A Dangerous Habit Webinar.

video Your Colon: Health and Awareness – March 2015

Watch the Your Colon: Health and Awareness Webinar.

video Thyroid Health Awareness – January 2015

Watch the Thyroid Health Awareness Webinar.

video Breast Cancer Awareness – October 2014

Watch the Breast Cancer Awareness Webinar.

video Women’s Health & Fitness – September 2014

Watch the Women’s Health & Fitness Webinar.

video National Psoriasis Awareness – August 2014

Watch the Webinar recognizing National Psoriasis Awareness month.

video Prostate Cancer – July 2014

Watch this follow-up webinar from June 2014 on Prostate Cancer.

video Prostate Health – June 2014

View the latest webinar on Prostate Health with U.S. Medical Director Dr. Howard Zahalsky.

video Asthma Awareness – May 2014

Watch our Webinar for Asthma Awareness Month with US Medical Director Dr. Howard Zahalsky.

video Coronary Artery Disease – December 2013

December 2013 free educative webinar with ADO US Medical Director Dr. Howard Zahalsky on causes, diagnosis and preventing Coronary Artery Disease.

video All About Alzheimer’s – November 2013

November 2013 free educative webinar with ADO US Medical Director Dr. Howard Zahalsky on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s.

video Lupus Awareness – October 2013

October 2013 free educative webinar with ADO US Medical Director Dr. Howard Zahalsky for National Lupus Awareness month.

video Cholesterol: The Good, the bad and the balanced

Free monthly ADO educative webinar on managing cholesterol levels featuring ADO US Medical Director Dr. Howard Zahalsky. Activ Doctor Online’s Health Tracker actively measures a member’s cholesterol levels over time.

video Getting The Most Out Of Your PHR Membership

Free educative webinar on how to best use your Personal Health Record service to make the best healthcare decisions.

video  Activ Doctors Online Presentation

Learn all about Activ Doctors Online with this engaging presentation on all our features designed to save you time, money and even lives.

video Activ Doctors Online Individual & Family

Activ Doctors Online offers Individual and Family plans. Click the link to learn all about the unique features of both plans.

video Personal Health Records: Why They Matter To You, How To Get Started

This webinar emphasizes the importance of owning your medical records to avoid medical mistakes and unnecessary procedures. It also outlines how to navigate through the online Personal Health Records platform and how to make the best use of all its features.

video Online Second Medical Opinion: Accessible, Affordable Expertise When You Need It

View this webinar to learn how to request and receive a potentially life-saving Online Second Medical Opinion from over 2,000 specialists in as fast as 48 hours.

video Empowering a Healthier Workforce: Integrating Enterprise Solutions (for Business)

Activ Doctors Online partners with organizations to enhance and elevate current or future corporate wellness initiative. Click on the link to learn how an ADO membership for your employees saves you and them time, money and even lives.