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“We’ve just had a new born. For me, our Activ membership has given a higher level of priority and importance to healthcare and care costs. I am thankful to have online personal health records that helps organize our health records and provides easy and reliable access to stay aware of treatments that I, my wife or baby boy have received. Being able to get another opinion is just as valuable. I feel a lot more confident when going to the doctor now because I can help prevent over treatment and understand a bit more about the care my doctor is recommending.”

Mr. and Mrs. Leron Levy
Miami, Florida


“Not only do I use Activ Doctors Online PHR and online second medical opinion personally, but I’ve witnessed countless examples within our congregation where if medical records were in a centralized place for providers and the patient to understand, it could have saved somebody’s life. That’s a powerful thing, and it fits with our mission of empowerment. The Activ Doctors Online PHR is the best available, and this tool will enable our community to do the right thing when it comes to healthcare.”

Rev. Dr. R. Joaquin Willis, President of the CEG of South Florida


“I want to take a few minutes to tell you how Activ Doctors Online may have saved my life. The recommendations from Activ Doctors specialists didn’t just help cure my cancer; they helped relieve my fears too. When I did get my surgery, I knew, beyond any doubt, that it was the right move for me. That piece of mind was priceless. I wasn’t just afraid to get the surgery, I was afraid to ask my doctor for a second opinion. I was nervous he would be offended or just send me to a doctor who agreed with him. But with Activ Doctors Online I was able to get two independent opinions without having to question my doctor. The small price I paid for the second opinion was definitely worth it.”

G. V. Member, Ft. Lauderdale, FL



“OrthoNOW recognizes that advances in how doctors and patients communicate have valuable benefits in establishing new relationships and in efficiently managing care throughout long-term treatment. Activ Doctors Online gives our patients access to the right information about their health and the ability to carry out a treatment plan, at their convenience, with our specialist physicians.”

Dr. Alejandro Badia M.D., F.A.C.S.
Chief Medical Officer


“Our current workforce is composed of approximately 12,000 employees. I believe part of our success is due to the fact that I pay close attention to what matters most to our employees. Many firms neglect this far too often. Our belief is that human resources directly contribute to the core success of any business. Our policy emphasizes corporate and social responsibility. For some years, we considered setting up effective solutions to help improve our employees’ welfare. In addition to personal health records, we integrated Activ in particular for their online second medical opinion service and are very satisfied with the results. Apart from the welfare and the gratitude of the employees, our absenteeism rate has decreased significantly, which we believe has contributed to increase my company profitability and competitiveness.”

Eric Boonstopel
COO, Fouquets Barrière


“We made the decision to include Activ Doctors Online’s program as an option for our employees as a voluntary benefit. We see where their program can provide a cost savings through individual control and access of personal health records, while their second opinions in 48 hours provides an extra layer of comfort to our employees when an important procedure or costly treatment is required. We believe that more and more of our employees will come to know the value of these services.”

Annie R. Neaseman RN MS, President and CEO of Jessie Trice Health Centers
Miami, Florida



“We are pleased to have Activ Doctors Online as a CTeL member. We appreciate the confidence that the company has in CTeL’s longstanding legal and regulatory telehealth expertise. We look forward to partnering with Activ Doctors to provide in depth regulatory information on key, telehealth issues as they continue to expand their business model, both domestically and internationally.”

Rob Sprang, President, Center for Telehealth and ELaw Board of Directors and Director of the Kentucky TeleCare Network



“In partnership with Activ Doctors Online, we have developed a pilot program of telemedicine in liver transplantation. The patients will implement at regular intervals, their individualized medical records with data concerning their current status (i.e., blood pressure, weight, and laboratory tests that are needed to check for abnormal changes in liver graft function, adequate immunosuppression (immunosuppressive agents blood levels), and possible side effects of immunosuppression. Activ Doctors’ platform will allow transplant physicians to check for these data via a dedicated and secured network to take actions in real time, including changes in immunosuppressive drugs doses, recommendations for additional investigations or consultation of another specialist where needed (i.e., specialist in nephrology, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, endocrinology). This program will also make it possible to identify the patients who are lost of follow up and to contact them before serious complications related to insufficient adherence occur. Outpatient consultations may be reduced as much as possible to save costs.”

François Durand, MD, Hepatology and Liver Intensive Care,
Hospital Beaujon, Clichy, France University Paris VII, Denis Diderot


“Today, breakthroughs in technology have taken healthcare to new heights, giving people access to vital information and physicians that in certain circumstances they never have had in the past. Activ Doctors Online gives the individual access to highly respected specialists regardless of their location. Rather than being preoccupied with their diagnosis or treatment options, patients receive an unbiased opinion from a panel of experts within 48 hours, with no need to travel or wait for an appointment, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional second opinion.”

Dr. Michael Zahalsky
Urology, Michael P. Zahalsky, M.D. P.A.
Medical Director of Urologic Oncology, North Broward Medical Center
American Board of Urology – Board Certified


“In over 40 years of practicing medicine, I have seen many changes in the approach to care and the healthcare system. Activ Doctors Online has applied the best information technology and a vision toward the future to a fragmented system, for a truly unique and valuable approach to getting a Second Medical Opinion. The combination of an intelligently designed Personal Health Record with the patient’s complete medical history, plus access to world-class network of physicians and specialists gives the patient control that is often lacking in today’s system. More importantly, this Second Medical Opinion service enables us as medical experts to provide a thoughtful, thorough review and recommendation for patients on their timetable, in a manner that makes it accessible and easy while maintaining the personal attention everyone deserves when facing an important decision.”

Dr. John Gerald Yassin
Opthamaology, Oculoplastic Surgery
Fairfax Hospital, Falls Church, VA
Clinical Associate Professor, Bethesda, MD
Medical Malpractice Review Panel Appointee, Supreme Court of Commonwealth of Virginia



Case Overview: 60 year old male, recently diagnosed with invasive prostate cancer. The client was tentatively scheduled for surgery the following week and was still uncomfortable with the recommendation.

Activ Doctors Online Specialists: 

Dr. Michael Preston, Urologist, Brown University, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY

Dr. Alan Haertig, Professor of Urology, Head of Urology, Hospital Pitie-Salpritiere, Paris France

Report Summary: First, they confirmed the need for surgery to treat his condition. The client was considering cancelling the surgery to pursue non-invasive treatments. For his type of prostate cancer, our consultants confirmed that less invasive treatments would have been a mistake.
Second, Dr. Preston suggested ways to improve the surgery. Our client’s surgeon took Dr. Preston’s recommendations, which have been shown in studies to minimize the risk of the client’s cancer from recurring.

Financial Impact: Because we were able to get our consult done so quickly, we were able to have the client’s surgeon adjust his initial surgery. This keeps our client working and minimizes the costs for his company and his insurance. Even if he had wanted to see another physician for a second opinion, it is very unlikely he would have been able to get in to see a top specialist in the time available.

Clinical Impact: By using Activ Doctors Online’s second opinion, our client may have improved his chance of surviving his prostate cancer. We use top medical specialists from around the country, and from around the world. As in this case, we may be able to present information that a local physician may not be aware of.

Case Overview: A female patient was diagnosed with breast cancer three months prior. She underwent lumpectomy and axillary (under the arm) lymph node dissection. Pathology reports showed the cancer was 1.3 cm in diameter; two of the 11 lymph nodes removed contained cancer cells. Her cancer was reported as positive for estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and Her-2/neu. Healthy with high blood pressure at the time of diagnosis, the patient requested a review of her case to determine the best chemotherapy options.

Activ Doctors Online Specialists: Consulting on the case was an Ivy League schooled oncology expert trained at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in NY.

Report Summary: The report detailed factors in the patient’s cancer including size, location and receptor status, along with her age and related estrogen and progesterone levels. After reviewing the case, the medical expert team suggested consideration of a chemotherapy regimen with specific combinations and intervals for an initial 18-week regimen, followed by a reduced schedule for a total of one year.
The recommendation factored in a minimized risk of heart conditions and side effects. Hormonal therapy was also suggested upon completion of the primary chemotherapy to cut off the food supply for any residual cancer cells that may survive initial treatments. The oncologist made additional recommendations to consider including radiation therapy and additional imaging studies.