World Class Physicians

Activ Doctors Online employs a detailed screening process for healthcare providers who want to join our panel of top doctors. The physicians we use for our E-Consultations and Second Medical Opinion consults are all expertly trained and licensed to practice medicine in their respective states. Their qualifications are personally reviewed by our U.S. Medical Director, Dr. Howard Zahalsky.

ADO has recruited specialists and top doctors trained at many of the top medical institutions in the country, including the University of Pennsylvania, the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, Harvard University, and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute of Cornell University. Many of these practicing physicians hold or have held teaching appointments in the past, at medical school such as Columbia University and Georgetown University. For our international clients, we have also recruited top doctors. Our international branch currently boasts more than 700 specialists around the world.

Because Activ Doctors Online strives to provide the highest level of service, we ensure that each Second Medical Opinion consult is reviewed by at least two specialists in the field of the patient’s concern. Both specialists prepare reports separately based on the data in the patient’s health record and forward their findings to one of ADO’s regional Medical Directors. Using findings from both reports, our Medical Director are then able to prepare final reports that are easy to read and understand, ensuring the patient has full knowledge of their health condition. In addition, upon completion of each Second Medical Opinion, patients are provided the names and qualifications of the doctors who reviewed their case. We are quite confident that you and your doctor will be impressed with the credentials of the top doctors specialists involved in your care.


“Today, breakthroughs in technology have taken healthcare to new heights, giving people access to vital information and physicians that in certain circumstances they never have had in the past. Activ Doctors Online gives the individual access to highly respected specialists and top doctors regardless of their location. Rather than being preoccupied with their diagnosis or treatment options, patients receive an unbiased opinion from a panel of experts within 48 hours, with no need to travel or wait for an appointment, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional second opinion.”

Dr. Michael Zahalsky
Urology, Michael P. Zahalsky, M.D. P.A.
Medical Director of Urologic Oncology, North Broward Medical Center
American Board of Urology – Board Certified