Medical Records Assistance

Every ADO membership includes access to our Medical Records Assistance Program for one (1) of the member’s physicians. We typically suggest starting with a primary care physician, though who we contact is up to each member. Authorized by a HIPAA release form and coordinated by our U.S. Medical Director, we contact individuals’ physicians, retrieve their medical records on their behalf, and upload the information into our web-based PHR platform. This includes medical histories, medications, vaccinations, allergies, surgery reports, tests, screenings, medical exams, and more.

While members can add an unlimited number records for as many physicians as they choose through our easy-to-use PHR portal, the Medical Records Assistance Program provides a quick and easy way to help new members get started. We can also obtain additional records at a nominal fee per physician. All medical records are stored in ADO’s fully secure PHR that adheres to HIPAA standards.

Call 888-51-ACTIV (888-512-2848) or contact us online.