Second Medical Opinion

With the Second Medical Opinion service from Activ Doctors Online, members have the opportunity to request medical consultations over the Internet, at any time and from anywhere in the world. Second medical opinion consults enable patients to make better-informed decisions about their health. They also provide a smart and inexpensive way to improve health and treatment outcomes.

How Does Second Medical Opinion Work?

ADO provides its members with access to world-class healthcare providers. Our specialists are available for medical case reviews, consultations and second medical opinions within 48 hours of a member’s request (assuming the patient’s PHR is up-to-date). All of our physicians are board-certified and licensed to practice medicine in their respective states. They have all practiced medicine for a minimum of five years, passed required background checks, passed an FSMB credentialing process, and have had their malpractice and disciplinary action history reviewed. Medical opinions provided by our specialists are objective, based on medical evidence, and provided in consultation with our U.S. Medical Director.

To get started, simply submit a request for a consult. Our Medical Director will review your file and forward it on to a committee of specialists that best serve your case. Our experts will analyze your case and provide a conclusion within 48 hours – either directly to you or, upon request, to your doctor. In some cases, the conclusions reached our medical specialists are the same as those provided by our members’ physician. However, they may also provide contrasting opinions, suggest further testing, or recommend visiting a different specialist.

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