Ever wanted to consult with your family doctor without the added hassle of waiting rooms and travel times? Activ Doctors Online provides members with exclusive access to “virtual clinic” visits through our innovative e-Consultation service, meaning it is now possible to ask a doctor whenever you need to.

Healthcare that Doesn’t Keep you Waiting

ADO members can now access on-demand, dependable medical care through an audio/video web chat. There’s no need to waste valuable time in the family doctor’s waiting room, or use paid sick leave any more – ADO members can now ask a doctor when they need to, whether they’re at home, at work or traveling.

e-Consultations take place with a family doctor on our secure, encrypted web-based platform, meaning private information is always safe and protected. If a member is unable to, or prefers not to appear via webcam, ADO invites them to utilize this “ask a doctor” service via email or over the phone instead.

Removing the Barriers to Healthcare

e-Consultations with ADO are available before, during and after traditional clinic hours, accessible from any Internet-enabled device. The service is like accessing a family doctor on your schedule, empowering a new class of tech-savvy healthcare consumers. This round-the-clock ability to ask a doctor contributes to the reduction of employee absenteeism, in addition to decreasing the need for Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits.


Online scheduling is fast and simple with an abundance of available appointments; and what’s more, health insurance is not necessary. e-Consultations are available in your language of choice, meaning you are free to ask a doctor without any barriers.

ADO’s e-Consultations are conducted by world-class, board-certified family doctors who are all experts in their respective fields. Our physicians can discuss symptoms, diagnose conditions, recommend treatment plans, and prescribe medication when required. Once you’re finished, the physician uploads your report, diagnosis and recommended treatment to your online Personal Health Record.

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