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It’s common knowledge that smoking is harmful.

We’ve known it since 1950 when three important epidemiological studies provided the first powerful links between smoking and lung cancer. We knew it in 1965 when the Surgeon General mandated that cigarettes required a warning label on the package. A move that was immediately followed by one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history.

Don Draper Mad Med

Image Credit: Don Draper, Mad Men. © AMC. All rights reserved.
Did you know: cigarette companies spent $9.6 billion on advertising in 2012 alone.


How do I know it was so successful? We are still teaching the harmful effects of cigarettes 50 years later.

This month, we are joined by ADO Medical Director Dr. Howard Zahalsky to discuss the dangers of smoking.

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At Activ Doctors Online, we host free monthly educational webinars on the latest health topics led by our U.S. Medical Director, Dr. Howard Zahalsky. Last month’s webinar discussed colon health. You can view this webinar here.

Our upcoming April webinar will discuss smoking and its impact on your health. Register here to join the discussion on April 29 @ 1:00 p.m. EST.

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