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It is inarguable that a cancer diagnosis can suddenly and very deeply shatter a person’s world. Whether receiving a positive or negative biopsy result, finding out that one was misdiagnosed can be equally overwhelming. Recent evidence and medical practice trends in oncology point to the unprecedented importance of obtaining second opinions for cancer diagnoses. A number of studies have found that not only is it crucial to obtain a second medical opinion from cancer specialists, but also from experts in related fields before beginning any type of cancer treatment.

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January 5, 2011 (Miami, FL) – Activ Doctors Online is reporting a growing trend in requests for their Online Second Medical Opinion consultations. Recent healthcare reform implemented by the Obama administration has rapidly changed the healthcare industry and the way care is delivered to the patient. The use of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software in physician practices has surged in the recent months, instigated by government stimulus for EMR adoption patients have become increasingly comfortable with online medical record storage, as well as care delivered through the internet.

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Never has modern health care been more advanced, and never before has it been more overwhelming for individuals to maneuver through such a deeply convoluted web of medical information. Despite this trend toward increasing complexity, particularly through astounding technological advancements, a counter-trend that empowers patients into taking their health care decisions into their own hands has also surfaced: accessibility. Seizing the opportunities of constant sophistication in information technology has prompted the development of virtual applications that provide patients with the best possible access to care, and the means of achieving it.

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