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Too Little Gluten In Our Diet May Increase The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Too Little Gluten In Our Diet May Increase The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes


Low gluten diet is not of benefit for all! People with celiac disease and gluten intolerant are the only ones to get the most out of low gluten diet. However, there are certain individuals who would follow a low gluten diet on the grounds that it would be helpful for their health! But is low gluten diet really beneficial for healthy individuals? May not be!! Read on!!

Gluten is a protein abundantly found in wheat, rye and barley. People with celiac disease find it harder to digest this protein and hence avoided! A lot of people adopt low gluten or gluten nil diet, hence a study was conducted to understand the effect of the same on human health!

Study results determined that –

  • Gluten-free foods are known to have less fibre and other micronutrients, thus making the food less nutritious. An individual’s balanced diet would become devoid of nutrition. Gluten-free foods are also costlier when compared to other foods
  • People who included about 12-grams per cent of gluten per day had a lesser chance of developing Diabetes when compared to people who consumed lower gluten. In the 30 year study period, people with low gluten intake had a higher chance of diabetes and turned out to be diabetics!!

Thus the low gluten diet was associated with increased risk of diabetes, other studies are still in process to know the mechanism or to reconfirm the results!!



Vitamin supplements are known to benefit human health, by adding on to the energy levels and improving metabolism!

Vitamin supplements are known to benefit human health, by adding on to the energy levels and improving metabolism!


Vitamin supplements are known to benefit human health, by adding on to the energy levels and improving metabolism! However, did you know that excess supplements are harmful??

A new study has established a relationship between the high dose of certain Vitamin B supplements and increased risk of lung cancer in male smokers!!

The most commonly diagnosed cancer in the whole world is Lung Cancer! It is also considered as the most common cause of cancer-related death. The study has shown the correlation between lung cancer and vitamin B supplement!!

Various studies were conducted, to establish the link between lung cancer and vitamin b, however, the results were inconclusive!! A heavy dose of Vitamin B6 and B12 for over a period of 10 years increased the risk of lung cancer. Though the study gave the inconclusive report, it could not explain the reason behind the increased risk of lung cancer!! The probable explanation was the interaction between vitamin B and one-carbon metabolism pathway! This pathway is essential for DNA integrity and regulation of gene expression. Vitamin B interferes and compromises the pathway, thus promoting carcinogenesis or onset of cancer!

Thus the probable explanation revealed an increased risk of lung cancer with high doses of Vitamin B!! However, the researchers have continued their studies to establish correct correlation!!


Vitamin d Guidelines May Be Changed Following New Study

Vitamin d Guidelines May Be Changed Following New Study


The present generation lifestyle has left us with multiple deficiencies!! Most of them are related to faulty food habits and a few are linked with our lifestyle!! We have become sort of nocturnal animals!! We work most of the times indoors or even at nights!! This habit has made us more prone for Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin is popularly known as Sunshine Vitamin and is a vital constituent for calcium absorption and healthy gut!! There are no food substitutes for Vitamin D, and any variation from normal range results in deficiency!!

Increased risk and cases of Vitamin D deficiency, various studies were conducted pertaining to the treatment and a new guideline was put forth, treatment is now based on new guidelines which are as follows –

Vitamin D deficiency was treated by vitamin D supplements which are basically of 2 types – Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Earlier the supplement was randomly chosen as both helped in correction. But a recent study has proposed that Vitamin D3 is twice effective in treating Vitamin D deficiency when compared to Vitamin D2!!

Vitamin D3 has proved to increase the levels of Vitamin D in the body more efficiently and thus concentrates on long-term good health!

If your Physician changes the management of your deficiency, don’t wonder; his effort is to give you a quality care!!!


Moderate Alcohol Consumption Linked To Brain Decline

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Linked To Brain Decline


Alcohol consumption is habitual for a few, party time drink for a few and all-time favourite drink for the rest. Everyone just needs a reason to sip on few sips of alcohol. People would even defend themselves for the habit of consuming alcohol by commenting alcohol on little quantity is good for health!!

For all those alcohol lovers, here is yet another reason to avoid alcohol consumption! A study was conducted and a shocking result was obtained out of it. The results of the study are as follows –

The quantity of alcohol consumed determines the effect it has on health. Moderate quantity effects health in a different way whereas heavy alcohol consumption effects in a different way. Here is an overview of the effect –

Heavy alcohol consumption results in increased risk on atrophy and tissue degeneration of Hippocampus, part of the brain which is very essential for spatial orientation and memory. Degeneration results in increased risk of dementia or memory loss!!

Moderate alcohol consumption was believed to be health-friendly. But the study showed that moderate alcohol consumption results in three times higher risk of atrophy!  Thus there is no safe limit for alcohol consumption!

Moderate consumption, in fact, has three folds higher risk when compared to heavy consumption. Keep yourself away from alcohol to enjoy a healthy life!!


Multiple Sclerosis: Are We Close To a Cure

Multiple Sclerosis: Are We Close To a Cure


Multiple Sclerosis is one of the debilitating diseases of the brain and spinal cord. Multiple sclerosis is a condition in which the immune system attacks the covering sheath of the nerves, thus causing a communication problem between the brain and the rest of the body!! The disease gradually progresses and causes permanent damage to the nerve fibres!!

Multiple sclerosis was also considered as one of the diseases which cannot be cured and treatment helps with speedy recovery, modifies the course of the disease and manages the symptoms!!

With the advancement in health and technology, various researches have been conducted to find out treatments for the disease. In contrary to the earlier drugs which used to help in delaying the course of Multiple sclerosis, the research concentrated on drugs which helps in curing Multiple sclerosis!

Disease Modifying Therapies are the main course of treatment for Multiple sclerosis. FDA approved a new addition to the treatment is Ocrelizumab!! Studies have shown that this drug reduces the relapse rate of Multiple Sclerosis. The other new addition to the drug list which helps in the cure is –

  • Laquinimod
  • MD1003
  • Siponimod

If are we close to a cure is the question, then the answer is resounding yes!! Researchers are in process to find out if these drugs help in the cure of multiple sclerosis!!



Eating Red Hot Chili Peppers Help Us Live Longer

Eating Red Hot Chili Peppers Help Us Live Longer


Sweets are not liked by all whereas spicy foods are the hot favourite of most of them! Physicians, sweets and spices both are the same and is a strict no for both!! At times, sweets are accepted but not spices, on the grounds of various diseases!!

Here is a good news for all spicy food lovers!! Eating red hot chilli peppers is now recommended by most of the Physicians as they have proven to help us live longer. Wondering how?? Read on

A study was conducted with 16000 volunteers in the USA to study the effect of red chilli peppers on human health. Various forms of peppers were used and the effect of each pepper was studied individually. The result obtained from red chilli peppers were shocking and helpful for long life!!

Red pepper consumption activates TRP Vanilloid type 1 channels which stimulate cellular mechanism and thus works against obesity. Protection against obesity reduces or lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases and metabolic diseases. The other mechanism that helps with health is the presence of Capsaicin in the red peppers!!

This red hot chilli peppers consumption helps us live longer indirectly by reducing the risk of life-threatening diseases!

If you are one of the spicy food lovers, start including more and more of red chilli peppers. It adds taste to your mouth and years to your life!!



Impact Of Shift Work On Health

Impact Of Shift Work On Health


The job is the goal of everyone!! Everyone works hard and study well, to establish a good career and thus reach their dreams and live a life as they wish based on the money earned!! Money is everything, without which nothing is possible!! Having a job of your choice in the company you like is again a mission!!!

These days, 9 to 5 jobs have become obsolete!! Earlier only medical professionals or those employed in hospital sectors where known to work 24*7, but these days life is different!! You can see people working in all hours but though not for 7 days a week, definitely for 5 days a week!!! 9 to 5 job is reserved only for Government employees!!!

It is a known fact that no one wishes or voluntarily picks or choose to work in shifts but various reasons lives them with no other option but to work in shifts. The reasons for an employee to work in shifts can include and not limited to financial issues, better job profile, and Dream Company and so on. Anyone who works beyond 9 to 5 hours is considered a shift!!

With the race of running behind the dreams, we are completely neglecting our health. Have you ever wondered the effect or impact of the shift work on our health? Various studies have been conducted worldwide and all the studies have proved that working in shifts have a negative impact on the health. The impact of shift work on health includes –

  • Increased risk of heart diseases
  • Increased risk of diabetes
  • Increased risk of metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Mood disorders
  • Tiredness or Fatigue
  • Sleeping problems or sleep disturbances
  • Disturbed appetite
  • Hampered social life
  • Hampered domestic relationships
  • Digestion problems like acidity, ulcer
  • Constipation
  • Increased risk of accidents or injuries
  • The general feeling of being unwell
  • Increased risk of infertility
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Increased risk of being Hypertensive

Why does shift work have a negative impact on our health? Shift work impacts our health because of the following reasons –

  • Change in a normal circadian rhythm of the body
  • An altered biological clock of the body
  • Change in sleeping hours

What can be done to overcome the negative impact on health? Definitely, it is not practical to avoid working in shifts, hence if you are working in shifts then practice these simple measures to avoid negative impact  –

  • Exercise regularly
  • Get sound sleep of 8 hours
  • Eat nutritious food
  • Fix on to the same shift is possible
  • Consult a doctor on a regular basis

Time has changed our lives when change cannot be avoided it is wise to change our lifestyle as per the changing circumstances! Being healthy is important than being wealthy!!!

Is This TKey To Stopping Cancer From Spreading?

Is This TKey To Stopping Cancer From Spreading?


Cancer is not dangerous but it becomes dangerous when it starts spreading to different organs of the body, making treatment tedious. It is always believed that if the spread of cancer is curtailed then the longevity of the patient is guaranteed and further deterioration can be taken care of!

A recently published study found a metabolite namely HETE’s further investigation, helps in stopping the spread of cancer.  Let us now understand in detail about HETE –

20 HETE is 20 Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid, a breakdown product of Arachidonic acid. HETE plays various beneficial roles in our body such as regulation of vascular tone, blood flow management, and so on. Apart from such useful roles it also has certain harmful roles in cancer patients. It nourishes cancer growth by enhancing blood flow, increasing the growth of a tumour which helps in its spread!

The study found a new molecule which can counteract the harmful roles of HETE, and the molecule is HET0016. This molecule is known to restrict the tumour growth and thus limiting its spread!!

The studies are still in process to see how it would benefit humans, if the study becomes successful then it would be a gift for cancer patients!!


Loneliness Is a Bigger Killer Than Obesity, Says Researchers

Loneliness Is a Bigger Killer Than Obesity, Says Researchers


Obesity was considered as one of the major public health concern a few decades back, however, the present decade as various other concerns! A new research conducted in the United States suggested that there are 2 major threats known to kill humans increasingly and the threats are loneliness and social isolation!

Loneliness is the feeling of getting emotionally disconnected from others including near and dear ones. In simpler words is the feeling of being alone though amidst numerous individuals.

A survey conducted as shown that about 35 per cent of adults aged more than 45 is lonely!! Loneliness increases the risk of early deaths by about 50 per cent. 2 different meta-studies were conducted and both have concluded on the same!!

Loneliness is considered as a major killer because it increases the risk of heart disorders, stroke which are the leading cause of death. The other modes it increases death rate are sleeplessness which in turn has a deteriorating effect on the health!!!

The number of people feeling lonely is also increasingly exponentially!! Loneliness Epidemic is been declared in a few nations as well!!

Health is wealth, let us concentrate on health to be happy as being happy adds years to your life!!





Sleep is the only mode of giving rest to human body and mind. For an individual to be healthy, he is expected to have at least 7 hours of sound sleep every night! However, our busy life schedule has left us with no sufficient time to have that duration of sound sleep!!

When time is a constraint for a few people to sleep; the other spectrum of people would have enough of time but still would not be able to sleep due to various reasons unexplained! They would hardly sleep for few hours, which would lead to health disorders like obesity, mood disorders and so on!!

If the above-mentioned group of people occupy the 2 ends of the spectrum, the middle variant also exists, wherein they always consider to have less sleep even after sufficient hours of sleep!!

In order to help all the variants of people, the advanced technology has certain apps. These apps act as an alarm and would alert you or remind you about sleep and also measure the amount of sleep you had and would even rate the quality of sleep. There are numerous such apps available and the top 10 or those approved by research or studies are listed below –

  • Relax Melodies
  • Sleep cycle
  • Recolour
  • Sleep time
  • Pillow
  • Relax and sleep well
  • Digipill
  • Good morning alarm clock
  • Pzizz
  • Noisli

Each of these apps apart from monitoring your sleep would also help those insomniacs to sleep well. If your smartphone is devoid of one of these apps, it is time to install them now!!

Good night’s sleep is the route for good health!!