Do’s And Don’t’s During Pregnancy


Do’s And Don’t’s During Pregnancy

Do’s And Don’t’s During Pregnancy


Congratulations!! You are going to be a mommy!! Do any married woman expect a better good news than this?? Definitely not!!! Every woman would be waiting for this special moment in life!! Having the apple of your eye in your hands in 9 months is exciting, is it not??

Well, you would start receiving advice, precautions from every other person you come across and from every nook and corner of your friends and relatives circle!! You would be in dilemma to understand which has to be followed and which needs to be ignored!! Of all the advice you receive, here is the list from our end which demarcates on what to be followed – DO’S and what not – DON’T’S!!

Do’s during pregnancy – It is important to know what are the things ideal to do first than those that have to be avoided, hence first let us know the do’s –

  • Do consume a well-balanced nutritious diet
  • Do take the multivitamin prescribed by your doctor on a regular basis as advised
  • Do sleep whenever your body needs!
  • Do workouts, but stick onto only those exercises which are suitable during pregnancy! Sort help from your trainer or doctor if you are not sure
  • Do include seafood in your meals
  • Do practice yoga which are safe during pregnancy
  • Do get your vaccine shots without fail
  • Do gain weight smartly
  • Do get all the tests as suggested by your doctor and make sure you visit the doctor as advised
  • Do get your first child prepared for the sibling

Don’ts during pregnancy – Having understood does it is equally important to know don’ts as well. Skipping a few do’s will not have a toss on your health provided you start them soon but following don’t will harm your baby!! Be sure, you don’t do the following –

  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t eat raw foods
  • Don’t eat from outside frequently
  • Don’t eat smoked, burnt meat
  • Don’t consume unpasteurised milk and milk products
  • Don’t sit in hot tub
  • Don’t drink lot of coffee
  • Don’t be with your pets or clean their waste
  • Don’t forget seatbelt while driving
  • Don’t choose to deliver based on astrology or numerology
  • Don’t take over the counter medicines
  • Don’t be in close contact with sick and infectious people
  • Don’t get exposed to chemicals or dyes of any type
  • Don’t use heels or stilettos
  • Don’t get exposed to radiations!!

Pregnancy is a special part of your life, it’s the stage where you will be having a life within you! Take a proper and good care and have a healthy and fruitful pregnancy!!

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