Eating Red Hot Chili Peppers Help Us Live Longer


Eating Red Hot Chili Peppers Help Us Live Longer

Eating Red Hot Chili Peppers Help Us Live Longer


Sweets are not liked by all whereas spicy foods are the hot favourite of most of them! Physicians, sweets and spices both are the same and is a strict no for both!! At times, sweets are accepted but not spices, on the grounds of various diseases!!

Here is a good news for all spicy food lovers!! Eating red hot chilli peppers is now recommended by most of the Physicians as they have proven to help us live longer. Wondering how?? Read on

A study was conducted with 16000 volunteers in the USA to study the effect of red chilli peppers on human health. Various forms of peppers were used and the effect of each pepper was studied individually. The result obtained from red chilli peppers were shocking and helpful for long life!!

Red pepper consumption activates TRP Vanilloid type 1 channels which stimulate cellular mechanism and thus works against obesity. Protection against obesity reduces or lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases and metabolic diseases. The other mechanism that helps with health is the presence of Capsaicin in the red peppers!!

This red hot chilli peppers consumption helps us live longer indirectly by reducing the risk of life-threatening diseases!

If you are one of the spicy food lovers, start including more and more of red chilli peppers. It adds taste to your mouth and years to your life!!



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