Is This The Key To Stopping Cancer From Spreading?


Is This TKey To Stopping Cancer From Spreading?

Is This TKey To Stopping Cancer From Spreading?


Cancer is not dangerous but it becomes dangerous when it starts spreading to different organs of the body, making treatment tedious. It is always believed that if the spread of cancer is curtailed then the longevity of the patient is guaranteed and further deterioration can be taken care of!

A recently published study found a metabolite namely HETE’s further investigation, helps in stopping the spread of cancer.  Let us now understand in detail about HETE –

20 HETE is 20 Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid, a breakdown product of Arachidonic acid. HETE plays various beneficial roles in our body such as regulation of vascular tone, blood flow management, and so on. Apart from such useful roles it also has certain harmful roles in cancer patients. It nourishes cancer growth by enhancing blood flow, increasing the growth of a tumour which helps in its spread!

The study found a new molecule which can counteract the harmful roles of HETE, and the molecule is HET0016. This molecule is known to restrict the tumour growth and thus limiting its spread!!

The studies are still in process to see how it would benefit humans, if the study becomes successful then it would be a gift for cancer patients!!


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