Moderate Alcohol Consumption Linked To Brain Decline


Moderate Alcohol Consumption Linked To Brain Decline

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Linked To Brain Decline


Alcohol consumption is habitual for a few, party time drink for a few and all-time favourite drink for the rest. Everyone just needs a reason to sip on few sips of alcohol. People would even defend themselves for the habit of consuming alcohol by commenting alcohol on little quantity is good for health!!

For all those alcohol lovers, here is yet another reason to avoid alcohol consumption! A study was conducted and a shocking result was obtained out of it. The results of the study are as follows –

The quantity of alcohol consumed determines the effect it has on health. Moderate quantity effects health in a different way whereas heavy alcohol consumption effects in a different way. Here is an overview of the effect –

Heavy alcohol consumption results in increased risk on atrophy and tissue degeneration of Hippocampus, part of the brain which is very essential for spatial orientation and memory. Degeneration results in increased risk of dementia or memory loss!!

Moderate alcohol consumption was believed to be health-friendly. But the study showed that moderate alcohol consumption results in three times higher risk of atrophy!  Thus there is no safe limit for alcohol consumption!

Moderate consumption, in fact, has three folds higher risk when compared to heavy consumption. Keep yourself away from alcohol to enjoy a healthy life!!


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