Multiple Sclerosis: Are We Close To a Cure.


Multiple Sclerosis: Are We Close To a Cure

Multiple Sclerosis: Are We Close To a Cure


Multiple Sclerosis is one of the debilitating diseases of the brain and spinal cord. Multiple sclerosis is a condition in which the immune system attacks the covering sheath of the nerves, thus causing a communication problem between the brain and the rest of the body!! The disease gradually progresses and causes permanent damage to the nerve fibres!!

Multiple sclerosis was also considered as one of the diseases which cannot be cured and treatment helps with speedy recovery, modifies the course of the disease and manages the symptoms!!

With the advancement in health and technology, various researches have been conducted to find out treatments for the disease. In contrary to the earlier drugs which used to help in delaying the course of Multiple sclerosis, the research concentrated on drugs which helps in curing Multiple sclerosis!

Disease Modifying Therapies are the main course of treatment for Multiple sclerosis. FDA approved a new addition to the treatment is Ocrelizumab!! Studies have shown that this drug reduces the relapse rate of Multiple Sclerosis. The other new addition to the drug list which helps in the cure is –

  • Laquinimod
  • MD1003
  • Siponimod

If are we close to a cure is the question, then the answer is resounding yes!! Researchers are in process to find out if these drugs help in the cure of multiple sclerosis!!



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