Activ Doctors Online Partners with Orthopedic Urgent Care Franchise


OrthoNOW to Offer Activ Doctors Online Personal Health Records and E-Consultations as Standard Service Offering

MIAMI,  Activ Doctors Online, a global telemedicine innovator that offers a complete suite of telemedicine solutions in one unique integrated web-based platform, today announced a partnership with OrthoNOW, an orthopedic urgent care practice that provides immediate care on a walk-in basis for patients with sprains, broken bones and other orthopedic-related injuries. OrthoNOW will offer Personal Health Records (PHRs) and E-Consultations to patients through ACTIVs PHR Platinum package.

ACTIVs PHR Platinum will allow OrthoNOW patients to track and access their medical records and health information securely at Using the added Medical Records Assistance (MRA) feature,OrthoNOW patients can also have the system request and upload data on their behalf from selected physicians.

Empowered by access to medical records, ACTIVs PHR Platinum also offers OrthoNOW patients the option of making routine check-ups through e-consultations rather than by a visit to the doctors office, which can be inconvenient and costly for some. OrthoNOW in Miami sees roughly 6,000 follow-up patients a year, with franchises planned to open in up to 13 states in the short term. E-consults help to manage the patient healthcare costs and scheduling challenges of a continuous treatment plan.

OrthoNOW recognizes that advances in how doctors and patients communicate have valuable benefits in establishing new relationships and in efficiently managing care throughout long-term treatment, said Dr. Alejandro Badia, Chief Medical Officer of OrthoNOWActiv Doctors Online gives our patients access to the right information about their health and the ability to carry out a treatment plan, at their convenience, with our specialist physicians.

This is an exemplary partnership that illustrates how Activ Doctors is empowering people with control over their health destiny, said Activ Doctors Online Founder and Chief Executive Officer Florent Monssoh. OrthoNOW patients will save time and money while producing the best possible outcomes for health conditions that are often quite serious. We are also honored to have Dr. Badia, a world renowned orthopedist, as an integral part of our global network of specialists.

To find out more about how organizations and consumers can take control of their health destiny through Activ Doctors Onlines Web-based information and telemedicine platform, call 888-51-ACTIV or visit

About Activ Doctors Online
The Activ Doctors Online personal health records system and suite of telemedicine solutions help people and organizations reduce their healthcare costs while better managing their healthcare to save money, time and even lives. The company provides a secure, user-friendly portal for individuals and families to control their health information through professionally managed Personal Health Records. Members can also use the portal to access a network of more than 1,500 physician specialists for second medical opinions, and to connect with their primary physicians through e-consult. Global operations encompass the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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