Introducing CarePoints Card to Help Individuals Reduce Healthcare Expenses.


Miami, FL – ADO and CarePoints Card provide their members with the latest technology to take control of their healthcare while substantially reducing healthcare costs.

Activ Doctors Online (ADO) has entered into an agreement with CarePoints Card to provide Online Personal Health Record memberships to CarePoints Card members throughout the United States. CarePoints Card provides personalized healthcare memberships and empowers its members to reach their health and wellness goals regardless of whether the members have traditional medical insurance coverage. The members have access to the finest primary care providers, several of whom are affiliated with renowned healthcare facilities. CarePoints Card will accentuate its services by teaming with ADO. ADO will provide a complete suite of telehealth solutions to all of its members.

When asked about the partnership with ADO, Godwin W. Eshesimua, CEO of CarePoints Card, remarks, ‘‘ We are always looking for new ways to differentiate our offerings and provide additional services to our members. At a time when individuals are becoming responsible for an increasingly large share of their health care expenses, we feel that Activ Doctor’s Online’s web based platform provides our members with the tools and services to help manage those expenses.“

The CarePoints Card utilizes the latest technology. The increased communication educates the members and improves the relationships between the members and doctors. Another benefit of CardPoints Card membership is the cash advance program which assists members in times of unexpected financial need. The program allows members to pay unexpected healthcare expenses and settle their medical bills at time of service or treatment. Through its partnership with ADO, patients will also receive online access to their entire medical history via ADO’s secure, encrypted Personal Health Record (PHR).

“We welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with CarePoints Card,” said ADO’s Founder and CEO, Florent Monssoh “Together we can educate the community and provide them with necessary tools to take control of their healthcare, improve quality of life, promote healthy lifestyles and reduce health care costs dramatically.”

The Activ Doctors Online personal health records system and suite of telemedicine solutions help people and organizations reduce their healthcare costs while better managing their healthcare to save money, time and even lives. The company provides a secure, user-friendly portal for individuals and families to control their health information through professionally managed Personal Health Records. Members can also use the portal to access a network of more than 1,700 physician specialists for second medical opinions, and to connect with their primary physicians through e-consult. Global operations encompass the U.S., Europe and Asia.

“To find out more about how organizations and consumers can take control of their health destiny through Activ Doctors Online’s Web-based information and telemedicine platform, call 888-51-ACTIV or visit”

About CarePoints Card

Founded in 2008 CarePoints Card Corporation is a healthcare related member services company for individual, businesses and healthcare providers connecting the uninsured, under insured and traditional insured members to best practice network of healthcare providers local and international.

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