Jessie Trice Community Health Centers selects Activ Doctors Online e-healthcare solutions as employee benefit


Jessie Trice selects ADO PHR

Miami, FL – Activ Doctors Online, the first online Personal Health Record solution with Second Medical Opinions in less than 48 hours, has been selected by Miami’s Jessie Trice Community Health Centers as a benefit for its employees. “As a healthcare center that cares for over 30,000 patients a year, we are acutely aware of the everyday challenges that people face when it comes to their medical information.

We made the decision to include Activ Doctors Online’s program as an option for our employees as a voluntary benefit,” said Annie R. Neasman RN, MS, President and CEO of Jessie Trice Community Health Center. “We can see where their [Activ Doctors Online] program can provide a cost savings through individual control and access of personal health records, while their second opinions in 48 hours provides an extra layer of comfort to our employees when an important procedure or costly treatment is required. We believe that more and more of our employees will come to know the value of these services.”

Activ Doctors Online is a web-based service that enables anyone to take a proactive role in their healthcare management and reduce medical expenses through a secure suite of services including Personal Health Records, Second Medical Opinions, Medical Records Assistance and E-Consultations. More than 130,000 members use the service, which provides access to a network of more than 1,500 physicians.

The Jessie Trice Community Health Center, Inc. (JTCHC) is a Florida 501(c) 3, not-for-profit, Federally Qualified Health Center, which has been serving Miami-Dade County since 1967. Its mission is to provide comprehensive primary health care services by increasing access and improving the quality of life in the diverse South Florida community. Since opening its doors 45 years ago, JTCHC has touched thousands of lives with a caring, family-centered approach. In 2011 JTCHC experienced over 30,000 visits from our guests that totaled approximately 120,000 medical, dental and behavioral health patient encounters. About Activ Doctors Online Since 2008, Activ Doctors Online has been challenging the status quo of traditional healthcare by creating user-friendly, intelligently designed solutions, empowering its over 130,000 members to lead healthier lives by taking control of their Personal Health Records. ADO is the first to combine PHR with access to over 1,500 of the world’s top specialists for Second Medical Opinions in as fast as 48 hours and the ability for physicians to treat patients through e-Consultations. Memberships, which include Medical Records Assistance, are controlled by the individual but can also be purchased by organizations or corporations as a member or employee benefit, helping to decrease overall health-related costs. Activ Doctors Online services are HIPAA compliant, available worldwide, 24/7 via an online portal with military-level security.

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