Activ Doctors Online Founder to Speak at University of Miami’s Business of Healthcare Event


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March 20, 2015 

Miami, FL – We are delighted to announce that Activ Doctors Online will again be an executive sponsor for the University of Miami’s Annual Business of Healthcare Conference. This year’s event, held on March 23rd, is titled Disruptive Technology, Access and Efficiency. The one-day meeting offers an unparalleled opportunity to exchange new ideas on health care technology, and how these modifications will impact access and the overall business of healthcare.

Activ Doctors Online CEO and Founder, Florent Monssoh will deliver an introductory speech providing his thoughts on disruptive technology. Monssoh, a pioneer in telemedicine, is eager to share his views on Activ Doctors Online and his vision to empower people to take control of their health destiny.

Disruptive technologies are described as technologies or innovations that have a significant impact on the way a business or industry operates, often enhancing an existing business model or changing it completely. Telemedicine aligns with this idea seamlessly, breaking down barriers to healthcare and providing new value to consumers.

Steve Ullman, UM’s Director of Programs in Health Sector Management and Policy, weighs in with his own interpretation saying, “It’s not just technology for its own sake, it’s about how technology changes how we access healthcare and disrupts the existing business model. Hopefully making access and quality more a part of our healthcare system. And Activ Doctors is a perfect example of a disruptive technology.”

Activ Doctors Online delivers a full range of telemedicine solutions, providing members easy access to their personal health records, the ability to consult with doctors via video chat, and get a second opinion in 48-hours, all in one convenient platform anytime, anywhere.

UM’s Business of Healthcare Conference will bring together the Country’s foremost healthcare professionals and business leaders in the areas of government, public policy, finance, technology, legal, marketing, and education. The ADO team is very much looking forward to the event, and participating in key healthcare discussions.

If you would like to find out more about Activ Doctors Online, please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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