The Paperless Future of Medical Advice


Never has modern health care been more advanced, and never before has it been more overwhelming for individuals to maneuver through such a deeply convoluted web of medical information. Despite this trend toward increasing complexity, particularly through astounding technological advancements, a counter-trend that empowers patients into taking their health care decisions into their own hands has also surfaced: accessibility. Seizing the opportunities of constant sophistication in information technology has prompted the development of virtual applications that provide patients with the best possible access to care, and the means of achieving it.

We are currently witnessing a revolution in the way that health care is delivered to individuals. It represents a transformation of what was formerly a rigidly structured doctor-patient relationship; one that necessarily involved patient mobility. Today, patients can be just as informed as their doctors about the state of their health, and thereby more proactive and implicated in their own health care choices. They are able to access and consult their own digitalized medical records from their own homes – or from anywhere in the world. Patients can even request a second medical opinion online from specialists, without regard to or being whatsoever limited by geographical location. The new premise of modern heath care is its mobility and greater capacity to adjust to the needs of patients rather than just physicians, and not the other way around.

On the legislative front of this shift, major health care reforms initiated by the Obama administration – further galvanized by significant federal funding – have provided considerable impetus for the conversion to electronic medical records. Essentially, centralizing an individual’s medical data into a single, easily-accessible location can lend a vital hand in reducing diagnostic errors, avoiding unnecessary and redundant testing, and offering health care providers the ability make more accurate and informed decisions, faster. As such, old hindrances to optimal service quality are progressively being eliminated with online medical records, and the ability to provide an online medical diagnosis from this wealth of newly-accessible information.

Moreover, the value of online medical advice and an online medical history goes beyond a strictly personal appeal and escalates onto the corporate level – where businesses have a vested interest in the quality of health services received by employees. By taking the initiative of implementing an online health-management system for employees, companies are practically investing in the reduction in employee health costs and absenteeism and thereby increasing productivity and general workforce resolve. Patients will also be relieved of a major administrative burden when the need arises to file for insurance or disability claims by no longer having to shuffle through pages of cumbersome documentation in order to locate pertinent records; all is neatly stored and compartmentalized where patients need it, and for when they need it.

If the future of medical advice revolves around accessibility and mobility, Activ Doctors Online is at the forefront of bringing you the best treatment advice available from the best team of specialists available. We endeavor to provide you with the highest standard of medical advice through our easy-to-use application, our dedicated team of medical professionals, and the firm belief that the first person who should have access to your health is you.

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