Activ Doctors Finds More Cancer Patients Turn to Independent Medical Advice to Confirm Their Cancer Diagnoses


(Miami, FL) – Activ Doctors Online, provider of online Personal Health Record (PHR) services and Online Second Medical Opinions, sees unprecedented evidence revealing the major importance of seeking second medical opinions for cancer diagnoses.

The paramount importance of obtaining a second opinion for cancer diagnoses is widely reflected by recent research results and current trends in health care. A number of studies conducted over the past half decade have overwhelmingly found that not only is it crucial to obtain a medical review from cancer specialists, but also secondarily from specialists in connected medical disciplines before beginning any type of cancer treatment.

As further demonstration of this phenomenon, an increasing number of medical centers have launched second opinion boards where specialists from a variety of oncology-related fields meet to examine patient cases and different treatment options, discuss possible interpretive differences that may arise, or divergent medical opinions regarding diagnoses or test results. Despite that it may not commonly be perceived as such by patients, a very realistic diagnostic discord could consist in one surgeon electing a specifically aggressive and invasive treatment path, while another could perceive the cancer to be entirely inoperable. Divergent opinions of this type are not necessarily exceptional considering that a cancer diagnosis is not always explicit or unmistakable. In fact, the results of a biopsy procedure may not produce an easily observable difference between malignant cells and non-malignant cells. This leaves a very realistic possibility of conflicting diagnoses delivered by physicians. A recent study reported in the journal Cancer found that about 12% of cancer patients in the United States are victims of an initial misdiagnosis. With rates of misdiagnosis being so astonishingly high, and new cases being reported every day, a second medical opinion could be vital in saving a patients’ time, money, or even life.

Nonetheless, obtaining a second opinion does not necessarily have to reflect a situation of disagreement between doctor and patient, but should rather be understood as an imperative measure to protect one’s health. Requesting expert medical advice with Activ Doctors Online is outstandingly easy. A team of experts in the pertinent domain reviews the patient’s medical records and studies the basis for the initial diagnosis, or lack thereof. This way, Activ Doctors Online virtually eliminates the concern of limited mobility or overwhelming geographical distances. Additionally, patients can obtain a Second Opinion report within just 48 hours of submitting their medical records. If getting one can save a life, perhaps it’s time for people turn on their computers.

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