Activ Doctors Online launches first service in U.S. combining Online Personal Health Record with Second Medical Opinion


(Miami, FL) – The Activ Doctors Online PHR enables secure 24/7 access to records, reduces medical errors and costs, and makes online second opinions from a global team of top speciality physicians possible in 48 hours.

Individuals, families, organizations and businesses in the U.S. now have access to Activ Doctors Online, a Personal Health Record (PHR) and Second Medical Opinion (SMO) service that enables members to take control of their personal healthcare. Activ Doctors Online was inspired by the success of sister company, Activ’Sant, founded in 2008 and highly regarded as a leading provider of PHR in Europe.

“Activ Doctors Online brings to life my vision of helping people be well prepared, by taking control of their own health information,” says Florent Monssoh, Founder & CEO of Activ Doctors Online. “With our PHR, anywhere you go, whether to a new doctor’s office or a new country, your medical records go with you. This saves money, reduces errors and can even save lives.”

Dr. Howard Zahalsky, U.S. Medical Director for Activ Doctors Online, explains how a PHR saves time and money: “Sometimes doctors repeat tests because we don’t have access to records, or important medical treatments can be delayed while awaiting transfer of records. Activ Doctors Online PHR virtually eliminates those issues because the patient is in charge, and can grant access 24/7. Plus, if a serious illness or difficult diagnosis hits, members can turn to our online second medical opinion and a team of specialists will review the patient’s records, returning an opinion usually within 48 hours.”

Activ Doctors Online is a web-based service that enables anyone, anywhere to take a proactive role in their health care and reduce health-related expenses in two key ways:

  • Online Personal Health Records, stored securely in one location with instant 24/7 access to lifetime medical history, up-to-date records and care plans, from anywhere in the world. PHRs are portable, regardless of job, insurance or geographic location, and HIPAA-compliant. Data is protected with the highest level of security and encryption.
  • Access to online Second Medical Opinions from a global network of more than 1,000 physicians in as quickly as 48 hours with no referral, worrisome waiting or travel necessary. Opinions are objective, based on evidence of medicine in consultation with a medical director, and unbiased physicians have no vested interest in the outcome.

Research indicates that widespread adoption of PHR can save $20 billion per year in inefficient healthcare spending. As part of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act, hospitals and physicians are required to adopt electronic health records (EHR) over the next three years to bring down the cost of care and be eligible for incentives totaling $19 billion. PHRs take EHR to another level, enabling consolidation of medical records from different specialists or hospitals, stored in one place, accessible anytime from any location. Activ Doctors Online meets all the criteria of a true PHR, including individual control and transparency as to who entered data, where it was transferred from and who has viewed it.


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