Activ Doctors Online Memberships as an Employee Benefit


(Miami, FL) – Activ Doctors Online Personal Health Record (PHR) memberships, believed to be a form of a “medical information plan” which the IRS has recognized as a deductible medical expense under the federal tax code, provide a valuable tool for employees and their dependents to organize, manage and securely store their entire health history and records online in one place. See IRS Publication 502.

Accordingly, PHR memberships can be a popular new benefit employers can offer to their employees. Empowering people to lead healthier lives, Activ Doctors Online creates user-friendly, intelligently designed healthcare solutions including online Personal Health Records, Second Medical Opinions and Medical Records Assistance, available via a secure web-based suite.

As a deductible medical expense, Activ Doctors Online’s PHR memberships would likely be considered a “qualified benefit” that employers can make available under their Section 125 plans. That is, employers may be able to make these memberships available for eligible employees to elect and pay for on a pre-tax basis under the company’s cafeteria plan. In addition, the cost of a PHR membership likely would be reimbursable on a tax-free basis under a qualified Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Plan, a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan.

“Activ believes PHR memberships provided on a group basis to employers is an exceptional value, made even more valuable through the potential for tax-free treatment when made available through a range of existing employee benefit vehicles,” said Bernard Lee, Executive Vice President of Activ Doctors Online.

“Having Activ’s PHR membership available on a pre-tax basis under cafeteria plans, FSA, HSA and HRA plans, will make it more likely for employees to enroll and have the tools to take control of their healthcare and save time, money and in some cases, lives.”

About Activ Doctors Online
Activ Doctors Online provides a secure, comprehensive and user-friendly portal for individuals and families to control their own health history through its online Personal Health Record service including Medical Records Assistance. Memberships are controlled by the individual but can be purchased by individuals, organizations or corporations for their employees. is an easy, secure, and organized way for anyone to consolidate lifetime medical information, far beyond traditional physician-based EMR services. Activ Doctors Online membership also includes access to our completely unique online Second Medical Opinion service, for a valuable consultation in the event of an acute health crisis or diagnosis, from an unparalleled team of world-renowned experts within 48 hours. All Activ Doctors Online services are available worldwide, 24/7 via our online login system that is secure and HIPAA compliant.

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