Personal Health Records made quick and easy to start


Activ Doctors Online provides the tools to make Personal Health Record (PHR) use simple. Medical Record Assistance Program (MRAP) is included with all Activ Doctors Online plans. Members are entitled to record entry for a minimum of one physician per adult per plan. See specific plans for details.

How it works

As a member, through an Authorization For Release of Private Information form, you authorize Activ Doctors Online to confidentially gather records from your healthcare provider. We typically suggest starting with your primary care physician. Our authorized medical personnel then contact the physician, collects the medical records and upload them to the your profile. This includes medical history, prescriptions, vaccinations, allergies, surgery reports, tests and screenings, exams and more.

MRAP is a convenient benefit that saves you time and money. Members choose MRAP for additional records at a nominal fee per physician, although the ADO platform allows members to easily upload unlimited medical records. MRAP also includes medical records maintenance from the same physician four times per year. So if additional records are created, our team is there to help. Activ Doctors Online offers the highest security and encryption available (military-level); the PHR is interoperable and adheres to HIPAA standards.

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